Meet The Newlyweds

      Hi, This is my husband D and I. 
We are so glad you stopped by to meet us and hope you will stick around for awhile. 

How we met*

D and I met back in 2010, he was working EMS and I was working at the ER so we saw each other quite a bit. He is shy person until you get to know him so he had someone else come and ask me if I was interested and at the time I wasn't. I had this mind set that I did not need a man in my life. I also had my mind set that I knew exactly what I wanted in my head and D just didn't fit that perfect molding. A few weeks later he messaged me on Facebook and we exchanged numbers and started talking more frequently. Around Christmas time we started hanging out and begin our relationship, after about a month I decided I just was not ready for commitment or so I thought. Truly what happened was I had such strong feelings for him and deep down knew this is the guy I would marry and it scared me so bad that I just started pushing him away. D never gave up on us and after about 4 weeks of realizing that this man was not going anywhere we resumed our relationship (: 
......stay tuned I will add more with time. 

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