Sunday, October 6, 2013

Life lately..

Life lately has been every bit of crazy. Nursing school started at the end of august and it feels like we have not stopped since then. Today was D and I's first day off from everything together where we had absolutely nothing planned and it was so nice (: I got up this morning and went with a friend running, starting out we didn't set a goal or discuss how far we wanted to run instead we just took off. We did 4.6miles the most either of us have done before (: Neither of have ran in over a month, its crazy to see what you can do when you put your mind to it.
In other news this has been our life lately....
We got another lab (: she is so sweet and well mannered
we FINALLLY got our floors done and baseboards back on (:
It was my newphew's birthday yesterday so we spent some quality time together before his party...

Hopefully within a few weeks I will have a schedule down and get back to blogging land (: 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I am seriously having a hard time getting my schedule back on track but promise to be back soon. Nursing school is taking all my time (; promise to have a post up this week!!! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Dating Ideas (Guest Post)

Happy Labor Day! Today Elizabeth from Get Busy Living is posting for me...Go check her out!

Hello! It's great to be guest blogging on Chancy's blog today.  My name is Elizabeth and I blog over at Get Busy Living.  Whether you are a newlywed or a little more seasoned in the marriage realm, I wanted to cover something that all married couples can relate to.  My husband and I have been married for five years. Although that does not seem like a lot of time, we have been an item for 12 years now! During our dating days, I remember making sweet sentiments for him and would go on dates every single weekend. Now are the days of chasing a toddler, being stuck in a rut when it comes to spending time together, and life just seems to take over.  Who has time to focus on dating?  Many couples will say that date nights as a married couple have gone out the window.  Good news is that it does not have to be that way!  

My top favorite sites to get dating ideas from are The Dating DivasThe Dating Divas and my personal Pinterest "Dating Your Spouse" Board.

5 Reasons to Date your Spouse:

1. Make it a Priority

Taking the time to schedule date nights often is important in a marriage.  Whether it is just a night at home or a fun night out...make sure to put it on the calendar!  I am the type that if it does not get scribbled on the calendar then it never happens. 

2. Routine is a Killer

Going through the motions of everyday life can get dull and boringMost days consist of working, caring for our child, running errands, and making dinner--the typical routine.  Spice things up and let your spouse know that spontaneity can be fun.  Gotta spice things up in order not to become roommates in the house.

3.  Good Model for the Kids

 Growing up, I did not see much affection between my parents. There was one time I saw them holding hands and was in shock!  Parents hold hands?  Parents kiss?  It seemed abnormal to me at the time because it was not part of my childhood growing up.  My husband and I make a point in showing affection towards one another, and want our child/future children to see an example of how much their parents love each other. 

4.  It's Cheaper than Couples Counseling!

This one makes me chuckle because it's so true!   

5.  It's Fun!

It's a blast to spice things up and look forward to a date!  It brings back memories of dating before marriage.  There are tons of fun things you can do besides the typical movie and dinner date night (although those are fun too!).  Make it special.   

It's not about quantity and how many times 
you can go on dates, but the quality you put into it.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First day!

We survived our first day! Layton (nephew)  went to the babysitter for the first time. It was my first day at nursing school ((:

Friday, August 23, 2013

Confessional Friday

 I am linking up with Leslie from A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday (; the topic is how I would spend my most perfect day.....ahhh can a girl dream of a perfect day or what! 

These days I have been so tired so to start I would actually sleep in (its unheard of here lately) and then get breakfast in bed. Probably those pancakes that Kaitlyn put up yesterday would be great. My house would be magically all clean, so I would want to go shopping. I love shopping. So off to Waco for some new clothes, makeup and of course things for our home. I would spend the evening with my hubby at our favorite mexican restaurant On the Border enjoying a nice margarita and some sopaillas.  We are pretty simple people and this day may sound like a normally day to some but our life for the last year has been completely insane and nothing short of extraordinary all at the same time. When I think of my most perfect day it always includes the ones I love (:

Y'all have a blessed weekend!  

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pumpkins and Campfires

Y'all I am just so excited for FALL...I guess this year is extra special because this will be our first fall in our home and I truly can not wait to decorate it. It has always been a favorite time of year for me, probably because I secretly LOVE to decorate. Today I am going to share a few of my favorite fall recipes (from Pinterest of course) and DIY projects from blogs (:

I actually pinned this , this morning but everything is already on my grocery list (:
This is a FREE printable from eighteen25 Girls they have a few color options to choose from and if you search their blog there are lots of free printables and DIY stuff. 

This looks sooo yummy. We always need something to take for a get together or to a kids school party and Keri has the recipe.

 I also have this wallpaper from my phone (; Just email it to yourself and save it as your wall paper
Also came from eighteen25 Girls and there is another one for halloween (:

P.S Have a blessed day!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ellie Mae

Meet Ellie Mae

Some of you may know from my instagram, my hubby graduated from paramedic school last week (; In June he found this small kennel of chocolate labs and had emailed the owner talking to her about buying one of her pups. With him finishing school and me starting I told him maybe now wasn't the right time.If y'all are friends with me on Facebook you know that he since then has tagged me in probably 50 photos of chocolate labs. Little did he know soon after he told me about this kennel "Texas Prairie Labradors" I emailed her myself and let her know I wanted to get him a puppy as a graduation present. She was so excited! So the puppies were born 6/6 I drove down to El campo on July 8th ...which is 4hours from our hometown to visit and pick a puppy out. D had NO idea. Donna and Alan were seriously some of the nicest people I had met. I told them about the plan and it was time to pick a puppy eeek. I truly wished that I could have told D and let him pick his puppy because I was so nervous I wasn't picking the "right" one. I knew he wanted a female so we limited that down but there were 5 to choose from. So I narrowed it down to these 2...
ALL of their puppies are adorable and perfect. I decided in some way I needed to let D pick his dog. I ask Donna to send me an email with the 2 I had narrowed it down to and I showed the picture to D and said that she had just uploaded the picture to fb with the only 2 females left from Maggies liter. (he had decided on Maggies liter)  So he looked at the picture and sent me a text and said the one on the right is gorgeous, which was the runt I emailed Donna and let her know that he had chosen. A little while later we are talking and somehow he says something about the puppy on the our left, I said I thought you liked the puppy on the right he said well their right..........OMG at this point I was so ready to tell him haha. There was another family that got to pick before us and thankfully they didn't pick our Ellie. So without him knowing on August 3rd I told him that I was taking my cousin from Lake Jackson back home and went and got the puppy (; Great wife award. I had also put together a surprise party for him at one of the local restaurants that has a patio. So we had planned to eat with his family that night and then TA-DA surprise our co-workers and lots of family and friends. I had to give him the dog pretty fast because it was hot and she was in a box (: 
He was so excited! 
So expect lots of pictures on the instagram (: 

Guest Blog a couple weeks ago

Hi Heart Shape Sweat friends, 

Today I am guest posting for Kristine while she is spending time with those precious boys of hers all 3 of them (;

Since Kristine is so athletic I choose to write about my fitness journey. 
All through high school I was not really skinny but not fit either. I played sports until my junior year and then decided that it was not that important anymore. I had played outside of high school as well and think I was most likely burnt out. I graduated and went to Lubbock to attend college. My college lifestyle was definitely not the healthiest so of course I gained about 15 pounds. During college I signed up for  yoga (: which btw if you have not tried it you should, people joke that it is not a workout but I disagree.  Other than yoga I chose to work full time so no other activities. At this point I was super unhealthy, fast food, wine, college life=not good. I moved back to my hometown in 2008 nothing changed really besides my weight up a little more. In 2009 my magical year I started working out with a friend of mine who I worked with. We had a Biggest Loser Challenge at my work and that offcially started my workout journey. I won (: I lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks, an awesome start! 
Brittni(friend from the bank) was not athletic at the time  so we started from scratch. Literally girls scratch like walking almost 80% of the time and that was not our original goal. We got addicted to running and ran everyday after work, some days I would run twice a day because it felt so good. I felt so good about myself, inside and out. It was such a stress reliever to know that during those 40-60 minutes no one would interrupt me and I could have the music as loud as I wanted and have my OWN thoughts. It was amazing. 

This was one of the first couple of races. 

Brittni and I did our first race in September 2009 and I got 1st in my age group, if that isn't the boast any of us runners needed. It was a small race but still first is first. After that we started signing up for races around the adjoining counties, we lived to run. I will add that we were not changing up our routine for the most part we changed our course occasionally but not the workout. Our pace improved by about 15 seconds max. After about 8 months straight of running 5-6 times a week I started making excuses to not go and run. I look back now and know that I was so burnt out on running. I am way to outgoing to only run and not try anything else. 

So fast forward to the end of 2010... I met my now hubby D, so of course I made every excuse possible to not work out and  to spend time with him. I once again put all that weight BACK on. If any of you have been in my shoes it's like that weight appears over night. I never notice how much weight is back until it's too late and BAM it's going to take a while to get it all off. It is so discouraging.
D and I got engaged in 2011 and married in 2012 throughout our engagement I worked anywhere from 3-4 at a time just trying to put my self through college, so no workouts again. I briefly hired a trainer during the engagement but just could not keep up with the demanding work schedules and the exhausting workouts. 

Here we are 2013 I have made goals for this year( I will share on my blog soon) . I want to be the girl who loved to run and have my own time, but I also want to help other people feel the way I do about running. Y'all if you have never run/walk/biked/swam laps I challenge you to get out of your house for 40-60minutes twice a week. I would love to see pictures of you working out and your opinions. I am in no way a trained fitness anything but I am a small town girl who has always struggled with my weight and I promise I will help you stay motivated. We need motivation and honestly the best motivation is to see someone else doing it and not making excuses. 
Exercise can clear your head like nothing else.

(After the Color Run in Austin, TX (: 

I hope all you ladies come and visit me at my blog (:  

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cara Box Reveal

This month I linked up with Avery (I sent her box) & Elizabeth (sent my box to me), and I could NOT wait to open it. I loved getting to meet both of these girls. I agree with Avery that if we werent so far apart we would be the kind of friends to hang out (;. I love this exchange, and challenge you to participate visit Kaitlyn's blog. 

So in my box was

1. This amazing cup that I used 3x before this picture I LOVE it
2. red striped bowl that you can really use anywhere cuuuteee
3. Cupcake liners which I used tonight (;
4. Lifesavers- we ate half of them before this picture haha
5. Picture frame with this verse. (we have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure) Hebrewa 6:19
6. Donuts yumm with an anchor tag
7. Stamp
8. Anchor cookie cutter love this
9. Chips Ahoy cookies amazing 
10. memo book with pen

I seriously loved my box this month and can't wait to participate again (; Join us next month!!!

Confessional Friday: Q&A

This week I am linking up with Leslie for Confessional Friday (; Question and Answer Series 

1. My worst fashion offense of all time has to be socks with flip flops haha I have only done this in my yard/garage but lets just say I may have made it to the mailbox a time or two. Putting shoes on for such a quick trip is a waste.

2. The most embarrassing song on my iPod is probably ____Nsync bye bye bye________.

3. The last white lie I told was I went to visit a friend and her precious new baby and told D "I wouldn't stay long" hahahaha.

4. The celebrity I most wish would disappear is ____amanda bynes_________.

5. Sometimes I wish _____I could stay at home and lay on the couch ALL day. I know this wouldn't last long because I am such a busy person but it sounds nice. 

6. My childhood crush was _____nick lachey more like high school/jr high crush (;

7. I've never turned down ____chocolate cake, no never! 

8. __D's driving makes me a nervous wreck. I feel like he waits till the last minute to press the brakes.

9. I'd rather watch paint dry than __watch football__.I am just not a fan never have been. 

10. Much like a train wreck, I can't turn away from watching ____Pretty wicked moms. At first I disliked this show now I love it (: 

Have a great weekend (; 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#NOtivation Inspiration

This week I am linking up with MalHallie and Nikki for a #NOtivation inspiration post.
I was so excited when Mallory announced on her blog this link up. Let's be honest staying motivated is crazy hard, we all have excuses and they work a lot of the time. This week's topic was inspiration. 

The 4 things that have kept me inspired to keep working to my goals are....
  • Husband-  When we first met I had been running(training) for about 6 months and had lost about 20pds. I felt so good about my body and had a good attitude. After awhile of excuse after excust that 20 pounds was BACK insane. All that hard work gone. D has never been much of an excerise program so I just do my own thing really, a couple weeks back he got up at 6 (unheard of) and went for a run. Seeing him out there doing something bc I inspired him made me feel so good. Now he is my motivator when he goes to work out I know that I should be as well. 

  • Compliments- I love compliments I know it takes awhile for others to notice your body changing but it feels amazing when they do.            

  • Pictures- I love pictures, unfortunately I don't take enough tho. Looking at before and after pictures reminds me why I wake up at 530-630 in the mornings. 
(This was after the color run)                  
  • Clothes-ahhhhhh I love clothes. I also love when the clothes don't fit because that means that what I am doing is working (; Workout clothes are my favorite something about wearing new clothes makes my workouts seem less blahh....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pinterest (;

I love pinterest. I can honestly be on pinterest for hours and not even notice. D and I bought our first home in December, we agreed no major projects until we were both out of school so we have little by little just been making it our home and our taste. So here is where pinterest comes in. There are so many ideas on there to do with your home and your furniture. When we moved in a elderly lady had lived here since it was built in 1999 and so it was in great shape, people that came over to visit actually thought it was only a few years old (; 
So we started with the door furnishings, at the time they were brass & I followed a couple blogs and found a great tutorial on using Rusteloum to spray the door hardware a bronze color. Tadaaaa. It worked and looks great here is a picture. 

This is not the actual before picture ); we forgot to take one but similiar. 

And this is what we used...

and this is the after (; 

It was so easy. I really wish I could find the blog that gave me this awesome idea. 
Basically all you do is take off all the hardware like everything. We used a card board box and stuck everything thru it like to hold it up and then used the Rust-Oleum to spray follow the instructions on the can. Then put everything back on. (: It was so easy and saved us about $500 to replace with what we orginally wanted. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July (:

I absolutely love holiday weekends and this one was extra special because of its importance (: here are a few photos from the weekend. 

           Our local firework show

            He wasn't to sure about this..

         This is my nephew Layton and his cousin Colton

       After a long day of playing

 She loved the fireworks show ((: 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Insanity Results/ Color Run

Color Run (;

This past weekend I did the Color Run in Temple with some friends (: 
The sweetest hubby I know showed up it give all his support, I must say I was truly excited to see him after the race. Several years ago I ran the Lions Park run and this is also where the color run took place, so I assumed it was the same course, WRONG. Thinking it was the same course I kept telling my friend that the course wasn't that bad and we were training the right way. As we showed up to the race there wasn't a trillion people there which was nice, but there was several hundred. The race started a little bit late and so we were all sweating before hand. I soon learned that it was most definitely not the same course, the race started on a slow incline for the first 1/4 of a mile and then up a huge hill and then steady incline again for about another 1/4 then flat land and then up and down hills. This course was not designed for beginner runners at all, it was so hot outside and with the design of the course it just discouraged a lot of people. I'll refer to my friend as Mac. Mac's mom came with us along with a couple other friends and this was her first 5k, she hasn't been training hard core mostly just walking the courses bc she broke her back several years ago. Mac and I have been training so we were ahead of the rest of the group by a good distance after we finished we walked back up the side of the race to encourage the rest of the group to finish hard. After the race I told all the girls that this was definitely not a beginner course and not to get discouraged. Mac's mom ended up having to sit down for about 30 minutes because her back her so much. They did have free son-cones at the end so we picked up one and enjoyed it to cool down. This race was fun and definitely an experience.

Insanity Results (:
A few post back I mentioned that I had started working out with Shaun T. The challenge group I joined ended yesterday and I was happy with the results, overall I lost 12 inches and 4 pounds. I will admit that last week I struggled hard core. My job is pretty stressful and we have had 4 shifts in a row that have been very busy and so my eating was not the greatest. I have decided that I am going to start taking a lunch box cooler thing to work every shift and just leave it in the ambulance so when we do get busy I will have snacks to eat instead of stopping and grabbing fast food or convenient store food.

Chancy (:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cara Box Reveal

My Cara box came from Brianna and it was fabulous. This was my first time to do the Cara box exchange and I had such a hard time with the box I created for Megan. Brianna's box was so much fun and well here it is..... Excuse the picture I was leaving for work and found the box on my porch and of course could not wait to open an i-phone photo it is...
I did use BeautifulMess app to spice it up (:

I was so excited to get nail polish and some summer placemats.. her card is so sweet. 
I am looking forward to July's Theme (: 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Figuring out this blogging...

Finally everyone can see my blog. 
Lately I have been doing Insanity with Shaun T, it is intense for sure. Truly I love working out but sometimes we get burned out doing the same thing over and over. I started running a couple years ago and got in the best shape I had ever been in, it lasted for a year and suddenly I didn't want to go run anymore....then I met my husband and got married and truly gained about 25 pds. 
So a couple weeks ago I was on face book and saw where a team beach body coach was doing a 30 day challenge and decided to look into it. The challenge group was all people who wanted to lose inches and tone up. HELLO ME! So I emailed the coach and bought the Insanity challenge pack, I honestly was intimidated by it but I knew I needed something so I called one of my girlfriends and we started this past Monday morning. It is the best workout video I have ever done....I am sweating during the workout but after it's done I feel so much better and want to eat right and not splurge and I really think about everything I am putting in my mouth because I remember how hard that work out is. Also with the challenge pack they send you shakes, and a nutrition book and have you take before and after pictures (most excited about these) to show you and others the results afterwards (; 
You can buy different challenge pack based on what workouts you like to do (: 

XOXO Lots of love 
Chancy (;

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ABC's of Thankfulness

 I saw a couple of blogs I follow post this and wanted to share mine (:

A- activities 

B- bonfires (:

C- church

D- dogs (:

E- Exercises ( even tho I am slacking) 

F- Food lol

G- Grandparents

H- Our home, extremely thankful for this

I- ice...nothing like sonic's ice to crunch on 

J- JObs so fortunate to have jobs in this economy

K- kids (: My favorite

L- LOVE you can never have enough love or love someone enough

M- my own time its so nice to have time to myself

N- Nana ( D's mom) 

O- opportunities, their are so many options out there

P- parents I could never thank them enough

Q- quotes

R- rest and relaxation

S- Summertime  

T- thanksgiving 

U- Umbrellas 

V- vehicles (((: 

W- water 

X- Xray lol totally googled this one 

Y- YOU (future bloggers) 

Z- Zoo's 

Link up with Simply Clarke to share yours (:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Topics Ten things that make you happy

Ten things that make me happy (:

Marriage-my favorite and most greatest blessing

Family---of course 

Nephew-I honestly think he can make anyone smile
(I think he was tired of me telling him no)

Workouts I always feel best after a great workout

Friends (:


Coffee is a must in the mornings 

Babies (: 


AND shopping hA ((: 

Those are my 10 things that make me happy (: what are yours?

Starting Point (:

To start out my name is Chancy, I am a newly wed of 6 months (: I have been telling myself to create a blog now for probably a year. I have been following blogs for about 6 months and feel like I know these girls and their families. I work as a EMT here in Texas and my husband "d" does as well. He is actually in Paramedic school and finishes in August. Very excited for him. When he finishes in August I'll start nursing school, works out perfect where we are not in school at the same time (: On this blog I plan on sharing my weight struggles, lots of pictures and my everyday life. D and I do not have any children but they are in the future plans for us.
Feel free to email me with any questions. Can't wait to get this  blog going.

All my love 
Chancy <3
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