Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ABC's of Thankfulness

 I saw a couple of blogs I follow post this and wanted to share mine (:

A- activities 

B- bonfires (:

C- church

D- dogs (:

E- Exercises ( even tho I am slacking) 

F- Food lol

G- Grandparents

H- Our home, extremely thankful for this

I- ice...nothing like sonic's ice to crunch on 

J- JObs so fortunate to have jobs in this economy

K- kids (: My favorite

L- LOVE you can never have enough love or love someone enough

M- my own time its so nice to have time to myself

N- Nana ( D's mom) 

O- opportunities, their are so many options out there

P- parents I could never thank them enough

Q- quotes

R- rest and relaxation

S- Summertime  

T- thanksgiving 

U- Umbrellas 

V- vehicles (((: 

W- water 

X- Xray lol totally googled this one 

Y- YOU (future bloggers) 

Z- Zoo's 

Link up with Simply Clarke to share yours (:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Topics Ten things that make you happy

Ten things that make me happy (:

Marriage-my favorite and most greatest blessing

Family---of course 

Nephew-I honestly think he can make anyone smile
(I think he was tired of me telling him no)

Workouts I always feel best after a great workout

Friends (:


Coffee is a must in the mornings 

Babies (: 


AND shopping hA ((: 

Those are my 10 things that make me happy (: what are yours?

Starting Point (:

To start out my name is Chancy, I am a newly wed of 6 months (: I have been telling myself to create a blog now for probably a year. I have been following blogs for about 6 months and feel like I know these girls and their families. I work as a EMT here in Texas and my husband "d" does as well. He is actually in Paramedic school and finishes in August. Very excited for him. When he finishes in August I'll start nursing school, works out perfect where we are not in school at the same time (: On this blog I plan on sharing my weight struggles, lots of pictures and my everyday life. D and I do not have any children but they are in the future plans for us.
Feel free to email me with any questions. Can't wait to get this  blog going.

All my love 
Chancy <3
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