Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ABC's of Thankfulness

 I saw a couple of blogs I follow post this and wanted to share mine (:

A- activities 

B- bonfires (:

C- church

D- dogs (:

E- Exercises ( even tho I am slacking) 

F- Food lol

G- Grandparents

H- Our home, extremely thankful for this

I- ice...nothing like sonic's ice to crunch on 

J- JObs so fortunate to have jobs in this economy

K- kids (: My favorite

L- LOVE you can never have enough love or love someone enough

M- my own time its so nice to have time to myself

N- Nana ( D's mom) 

O- opportunities, their are so many options out there

P- parents I could never thank them enough

Q- quotes

R- rest and relaxation

S- Summertime  

T- thanksgiving 

U- Umbrellas 

V- vehicles (((: 

W- water 

X- Xray lol totally googled this one 

Y- YOU (future bloggers) 

Z- Zoo's 

Link up with Simply Clarke to share yours (:

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