Monday, September 2, 2013

Dating Ideas (Guest Post)

Happy Labor Day! Today Elizabeth from Get Busy Living is posting for me...Go check her out!

Hello! It's great to be guest blogging on Chancy's blog today.  My name is Elizabeth and I blog over at Get Busy Living.  Whether you are a newlywed or a little more seasoned in the marriage realm, I wanted to cover something that all married couples can relate to.  My husband and I have been married for five years. Although that does not seem like a lot of time, we have been an item for 12 years now! During our dating days, I remember making sweet sentiments for him and would go on dates every single weekend. Now are the days of chasing a toddler, being stuck in a rut when it comes to spending time together, and life just seems to take over.  Who has time to focus on dating?  Many couples will say that date nights as a married couple have gone out the window.  Good news is that it does not have to be that way!  

My top favorite sites to get dating ideas from are The Dating DivasThe Dating Divas and my personal Pinterest "Dating Your Spouse" Board.

5 Reasons to Date your Spouse:

1. Make it a Priority

Taking the time to schedule date nights often is important in a marriage.  Whether it is just a night at home or a fun night out...make sure to put it on the calendar!  I am the type that if it does not get scribbled on the calendar then it never happens. 

2. Routine is a Killer

Going through the motions of everyday life can get dull and boringMost days consist of working, caring for our child, running errands, and making dinner--the typical routine.  Spice things up and let your spouse know that spontaneity can be fun.  Gotta spice things up in order not to become roommates in the house.

3.  Good Model for the Kids

 Growing up, I did not see much affection between my parents. There was one time I saw them holding hands and was in shock!  Parents hold hands?  Parents kiss?  It seemed abnormal to me at the time because it was not part of my childhood growing up.  My husband and I make a point in showing affection towards one another, and want our child/future children to see an example of how much their parents love each other. 

4.  It's Cheaper than Couples Counseling!

This one makes me chuckle because it's so true!   

5.  It's Fun!

It's a blast to spice things up and look forward to a date!  It brings back memories of dating before marriage.  There are tons of fun things you can do besides the typical movie and dinner date night (although those are fun too!).  Make it special.   

It's not about quantity and how many times 
you can go on dates, but the quality you put into it.

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