Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Insanity Results/ Color Run

Color Run (;

This past weekend I did the Color Run in Temple with some friends (: 
The sweetest hubby I know showed up it give all his support, I must say I was truly excited to see him after the race. Several years ago I ran the Lions Park run and this is also where the color run took place, so I assumed it was the same course, WRONG. Thinking it was the same course I kept telling my friend that the course wasn't that bad and we were training the right way. As we showed up to the race there wasn't a trillion people there which was nice, but there was several hundred. The race started a little bit late and so we were all sweating before hand. I soon learned that it was most definitely not the same course, the race started on a slow incline for the first 1/4 of a mile and then up a huge hill and then steady incline again for about another 1/4 then flat land and then up and down hills. This course was not designed for beginner runners at all, it was so hot outside and with the design of the course it just discouraged a lot of people. I'll refer to my friend as Mac. Mac's mom came with us along with a couple other friends and this was her first 5k, she hasn't been training hard core mostly just walking the courses bc she broke her back several years ago. Mac and I have been training so we were ahead of the rest of the group by a good distance after we finished we walked back up the side of the race to encourage the rest of the group to finish hard. After the race I told all the girls that this was definitely not a beginner course and not to get discouraged. Mac's mom ended up having to sit down for about 30 minutes because her back her so much. They did have free son-cones at the end so we picked up one and enjoyed it to cool down. This race was fun and definitely an experience.

Insanity Results (:
A few post back I mentioned that I had started working out with Shaun T. The challenge group I joined ended yesterday and I was happy with the results, overall I lost 12 inches and 4 pounds. I will admit that last week I struggled hard core. My job is pretty stressful and we have had 4 shifts in a row that have been very busy and so my eating was not the greatest. I have decided that I am going to start taking a lunch box cooler thing to work every shift and just leave it in the ambulance so when we do get busy I will have snacks to eat instead of stopping and grabbing fast food or convenient store food.

Chancy (:

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