Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#NOtivation Inspiration

This week I am linking up with MalHallie and Nikki for a #NOtivation inspiration post.
I was so excited when Mallory announced on her blog this link up. Let's be honest staying motivated is crazy hard, we all have excuses and they work a lot of the time. This week's topic was inspiration. 

The 4 things that have kept me inspired to keep working to my goals are....
  • Husband-  When we first met I had been running(training) for about 6 months and had lost about 20pds. I felt so good about my body and had a good attitude. After awhile of excuse after excust that 20 pounds was BACK insane. All that hard work gone. D has never been much of an excerise program so I just do my own thing really, a couple weeks back he got up at 6 (unheard of) and went for a run. Seeing him out there doing something bc I inspired him made me feel so good. Now he is my motivator when he goes to work out I know that I should be as well. 

  • Compliments- I love compliments I know it takes awhile for others to notice your body changing but it feels amazing when they do.            

  • Pictures- I love pictures, unfortunately I don't take enough tho. Looking at before and after pictures reminds me why I wake up at 530-630 in the mornings. 
(This was after the color run)                  
  • Clothes-ahhhhhh I love clothes. I also love when the clothes don't fit because that means that what I am doing is working (; Workout clothes are my favorite something about wearing new clothes makes my workouts seem less blahh....


  1. Thanks for sharing girly!!! I SOOOOOOOOOO badly want to do the color run!!!!