Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pinterest (;

I love pinterest. I can honestly be on pinterest for hours and not even notice. D and I bought our first home in December, we agreed no major projects until we were both out of school so we have little by little just been making it our home and our taste. So here is where pinterest comes in. There are so many ideas on there to do with your home and your furniture. When we moved in a elderly lady had lived here since it was built in 1999 and so it was in great shape, people that came over to visit actually thought it was only a few years old (; 
So we started with the door furnishings, at the time they were brass & I followed a couple blogs and found a great tutorial on using Rusteloum to spray the door hardware a bronze color. Tadaaaa. It worked and looks great here is a picture. 

This is not the actual before picture ); we forgot to take one but similiar. 

And this is what we used...

and this is the after (; 

It was so easy. I really wish I could find the blog that gave me this awesome idea. 
Basically all you do is take off all the hardware like everything. We used a card board box and stuck everything thru it like to hold it up and then used the Rust-Oleum to spray follow the instructions on the can. Then put everything back on. (: It was so easy and saved us about $500 to replace with what we orginally wanted. 

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